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About David Freud

David Freud has worn several career hats that cover multiple areas of endeavor.  Described by those that know him as a true Renaissance man, he was trained since childhood as a classical and jazz pianist.  In 1975, he received his BFA degree from California Institute of the Arts in Composition. Following graduation, he worked in Los Angeles as a studio musician scoring films and producing records.  David also embarked on a brief career as a singer songwriter and worked in Japan fronting his own band called Pink Freud.


In 1990, he become deathly ill with mercury poisoning while recording an album of his original material.  As a result he was forced to abandon his music career and become a full time medical researcher in order to save his own life. Desperately seeking a cure after conventional medicine had failed him, he devoted himself to the study of natural healing modalities and remedies.These included becoming an authority on detoxification protocols for a range of environmental toxins.


In 1992, he met Linda Riemer, his soul mate and future wife. They married in November 1995.  Although neither of them was well at the time, they were each other’s best support system. Only after all pharmaceutical approaches and conventional treatment modalities had been exhausted did they begin to investigate the world of natural healing modalities.  It was also during this period that Linda’s spectacular channeling gift began to emerge.


David now turned his energy towards assembling a massive potpourri of medical information he had collected on the causes and effects of disease etiology behind their chronic health conditions. From this, he created a series of massive databases of physical, emotional, and metaphysical information that are collectively referred to as Metaphysical Systems Engineering™. Scanning these databases with her pendulum, Linda quickly perfected her psychic and analytical processes utilizing proven detoxification and health optimization protocols.  These were based on the sound scientific principles of German Biological Medicine as exemplified by doctors and researchers considered the medical geniuses of their era.  These included Reinhardt Voll, Helmut Schimmel, Wilhelm Langreder, Guenther Enderlein, Bruno Haefeli, and others.

The Physical Database contains a very complete list of all known causes and effects of disease etiology in the body as well as a list of natural remedies that could effectuate real healing. This includes but is not limited to all environmental toxins, bacterial, viral, parasitic, and fungal pathogens.  It even includes chronic degenerative conditions where there is a genetic predisposition. To this mix he also added an Emotional Database consisting of negative emotional factors that block healing and the detoxification process. Finally, there is a Metaphysical Database consisting of spiritual issues that could possibly affect one’s physical well being. These three databases enables Linda to channel highly detailed and accurate information utilizing a pendulum to scan the health databases.  She then treats the whole person through a range of natural modalities and a channeled diet.


The medical and spiritual knowledge gained throughout this process has been going on since Linda’s prodigious gift emerged in 1994. David continues to update the databases with the latest medical research. He also lectures at medical conferences on health issues related to environmental toxicity and chronic degenerative disease. This resulted in a 400 page book entitled The Healing Gift: Exploring The Remarkable World of a Medical Intuitive, which was published by Basic Health Publications in 2010.


In addition to describing her incredibly precise and detailed healing process, The Healing Gift contains a unique interview that Linda channeled with David’s cousin Sigmund Freud.  In it, Sigmund reveals an extraordinary story that explains why his failed relationship with his younger associate Carl Jung was a karmic replay of a previous lifetime that both of these souls had.  In that lifetime, Sigmund’s earlier incarnation was that of King Agamemnon of Greece and Jung’s earlier incarnation was that of Achilles, the great warrior. Freud and Jung’s failed relationship parallels the failed relationship between Agamemnon and Achilles and, in a very real sense, is a karmic replay of the shared life experiences that are described in Homer’s Iliad. The clues derived from their written correspondence in The Freud Jung Letters reveal a number of shocking parallels between these two very different lifetimes. These are so statistically significant that it confirms to the greatest extent possible, that reincarnation in multiple lifetimes is a provable reality.

The insights gained by Sigmund’s revelations have preoccupied David and Linda’s ongoing research into the true nature of the transmigration of the soul. This has resulted in creation of their latest collaborative endeavor entitled Past Lives of Famous People Vol. I-IV.